Happy Birthday Madison Harrell


Happy Birthday, Madison Harrell.

Madison, I love you more than words could ever express.

Your parents are keeping me from being able to communicate with you to hurt me. I have never done anything wrong. I have never done anything that would cause any reason to keep me out of your life.

Brittany-age-28[1]I understand that your mother, Brittany Harrell, has told you that your parents don’t agree with some choices that I have made.  That choice was to film a documentary about corruption and dishonesty in government.  The truth is that your mother wants to punish me because I wouldn’t do what she ordered me to do.  She said that if I didn’t stop helping others, she would never let you or Mackenzie be in my life.

I hope God will forgive your mother for violating the commandment to honor thy father.

I am coming to visit you in Smyrna.  I will come as often as I can.  I went to your home today several times, but no one was ever around.

I love you with all my heart.  I love you sooooooooooooo much.

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For those who don’t know the story, in 2010, I began helping people who feel they are victims of government, judicial, or law enforcement corruption.  In 2012, I set out to film a documentary, “Lawless America.” (See www.LawlessAmerica.com.) I drove to ll 50 states.  The original plan was to film one victim in each state.  Over 7,000 people contacted me, and I managed to film 1,500.  It took 247 days.

After the trip was over in March 2013, my daughter, Brittany Harrell — Brittany Windsor Harrell, demanded that I stop the movie and stop helping people.  I refused.  I told her I couldn’t stop.  I had $250,000 invested in the movie (and many donated money as well), and I had thousands of people counting on me.  I needed to try to educate our fellow Americans that the problem of corruption and dishonesty in courts and government is the biggest problem in America today.

I have not been allowed to see, speak with, or communicate with my granddaughters since March 2013.  I was one of the best grandfathers ever, and there is no reason whatsoever for what Brittany Harrell and Robert Harrell are doing.  Some feel this is child abuse.

Brittany Harrell Robert Harrell Madison Harrell Mackenzie Harrell
Brittany Harrell Robert Harrell Madison Harrell Mackenzie Harrell

Brittany Harrell and Robert Harrell have claimed they are protecting Madison Harrell and Mackenzie Harrell, but this is totally false.   They have always posted their photos all over Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere.  No one is going to come hurt them because their grandfather is exposing corrupt people in an effort to help save America from dishonesty.

I am a good person with a big heart.  I have never smoked.  I have never used drugs – never even smoked weed.  I was never a drinker; I rarely drink socially.  I have never committed a crime except a little speeding.  I have not even had a traffic ticket or parking ticket in 17 years.  Until I was broadsided by an 18-wheeler on May 5, 2017, I was in only one traffic accident in my life – a minor fender bender when a little old lady stopped in the middle of the road and I was the fourth car in line behind her.  I have never killed an animal or attempted to kill an animal.  I have never struck anyone or physically hurt anyone.

I have never been treated by a psychiatrist for any form of mental illness, depression, or anything.  Except briefly in the late summer of 2016 following a panic attack, I have never taken any medication for anxiety or any mental issue.  I was given Prozac, which I took for a few months, then stopped.  My panic attack was over the fear that I would die and no one would even know I was dead.  This is because of the actions of Brittany Harrell and her brother, Ryan Windsor.

I do not believe it was possible for me to be a better grandfather than I was to Madison and Mackenzie.  When Madison wrote a paper about her hero in the second grade, she wrote about me.  I was there for everything possible in the lives of my granddaughters.  I love them with all my heart, and being denied the ability to see them or communicate with them over the last four years is beyond devastating.

Brittany Harrell and Robert Harrell have stolen my love from Madison and Mackenzie.  Brittany Harrell is denying Madison Harrell and Mackenzie Harrell the love of their grandfather.  It’s like I have been murdered — virtually murdered.  I have been erased from their lives.

Brittany Harrell and Robert Harrell teach Sunday School at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.  They do not practice what they preach.

Bill Windsor
Bill Windsor

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