Bill Windsor Sold His Publishing and Trade Show Companies in 1981

business 1979 wci Bill in his IMPRESSIONS jacket 1979

In 1981, Don Gandy asked to have dinner with William M. Windsor.  Don was the CEO of a company that was acquiring businesses in the imprinted sportswear industry.

At Alaman’s¬†Mexican restaurant in Dallas, Don wrote something on a little piece of paper and put it in the center of the table.¬† He told me to take the paper and look at it ONLY if I was interested in selling my imprinted sportswear magazines, trade shows, and conferences.

I had never thought about selling.  I had never considered what the business might be worth.  We were doing $6 million in revenues at the time.

I asked how many zeros were after the range of numbers written on the paper.  I decided I was interested in selling.

Rather than sell to Don Gandy, I hired a publishing consultant, Mark Schrimpf, to do a valuation and seek buyers.  Three large U.S. publishing companies were interested, and I sold to Gralla Publications in October 1981.

I retired.  That lasted for less than a year.


William M Windsor Founded a Publishing Company in the UK in 1981 and Launched an International Exhibition

Windsor Companies business card 1981

William M Windsor founded a publishing company in the UK in 1981.  He began publishing the European Edition of IMPRESSIONS Magazine from an office in The Netherlands.

He also launched the Imprinted Sportswear Exhibition International at the Wembley Centre in England.

The Imprinted Sportswear Exhibition International
The Imprinted Sportswear Exhibition International