Catherine Maloney is a New Friend of Bill Windsor

Bill Windsor met Catherine Maloney on Facebook.  Catherine Maloney is a New Friend of Bill Windsor. 

  • Catherine Maloney

Bill has over 100,000 Friends and Followers on Facebook.  Of all the women, he has encountered through his work and social life, he considers Catherine Maloney to be the most beautiful.  She looks like she could be Elizabeth Hurley‘s younger sister.

Catherine has class.  She has a spectacular style.  She is always beautifully attired.  She travels extensively, and she must have separate suitcases for glasses and sunglasses.  I don’t believe these photos were taken with a Polaroid.  Catherine Maloney apparently travels with the top fashion photographers in the world.

Catherine Maloney studied at The University of Oklahoma.  She currently lives in Leicester, United Kingdom.  She is sadly a widow.

Catherine Maloney was the Head of Sales at Xavion Energy from January 1, 2017 to November 16, 2023.  I’d buy anything she is selling.  She has a passion for innovation and strategic growth.  Catherine Maloney is a New Friend of Bill Windsor, and he is very pleased to make her acquaintance.

This slideshow of over 200 photos has an interesting back story.  When Bill Windsor met Catherine Maloney, he was immediately taken aback by her beauty.  He decided to poke around on Catherine Maloney’s Facebook Page in search of a bad photo.  He never found one.