Bill Windsor says 2023 Sucked the Big One so Happy New Year 2024

Bill Windsor says 2023 Sucked the Big One so Happy New Year 2024

Bill Windsor says 2023 Sucked the Big One so Happy New Year 2024.

Best Wishes for a Better Year in 2024!

2023 was an unpleasant year for me.  It began by contracting COVID despite having had all the vaccinations. That was coupled with one of many falls that caused me to lose the use of my left hand.  My teeth continued to rot out of my head.  I now have more holes than teeth.  As the year draws to a merciful close, I am in serious dental pain from where I broke a crown off on a piece of soft cheese.

I can no longer chew.  But I have serious burns on my only good hand from extremely hot soup that was no match for the extremely cheap paper bowls I had purchased.

I’ve encountered one incompetent medical professional after another.

I am now at war with every federal judge in the Southeastern United States and every civil and criminal judge in the State of Florida.  A crook named Jeff Ashton dismissed my personal injury case for the traffic encounter that disabled me. I should have gotten North of $10 million.  Instead, I am in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

I received several death threats, but admittedly fewer than the number in some years.

I’ve lost or misplaced my keys dozens of times.¬† Same goes for a number of other things.

I can no longer walk.

I can’t locate anyone in North Dakota.

I somehow woke up one day in October, and I was 75-years-old.

It goes on and on….

I won’t be too surprised if a dozen women sue me for child support.¬† I have no recollection of the sex, but we now live in a world of dishonesty.¬† All I know for sure is that 2023 Sucked the Big One.