Bill Windsor Podcast Recording for November 16, 2023

Bill Windsor
Bill Windsor

Bill Windsor had to postpone the 11/16/2023 Pro-Se Podcast, but he was able to record a short version.

I was starting to prepare for The Pro-Se Podcast on TalkShoe at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time on 11/16/2023 when the power went out. Heavy rain here, gusty winds, so I am going to postpone this Podcast.  I originally said 11/23/2023, but now I realize that is Thanksgiving.

I’m in a boondocks-like location, so I don’t want to lose contact with folks. We now have 1,476 people registered for TalkShoe, so I’m afraid we have outgrown it. We had members turned away last week because there was no more bandwidth.

I recorded a message and put it on the Podcast Page at TalkShoe.

I’ve become frustrated with TalkShoe because I can’t get complete answers, and we seem to have outgrown it. I remain frustrated with my website Hosting companies for the same reason plus one delay after another.

We did finally get working with just a few glitches remaining. This was SOOOOO IMPORTANT because there are 2,000 articles on it dating back to 2008. Millions of reads of those articles. There’s a lot of evidence on there that is not available anywhere else.

I was able to add an article and post my Appellent’s Brief in what I call The Attempted Murder by an 18-Wheeler Case. Here’s the PDF —

It’s long, but it has valuable information and citations for any pro-se party. It also has my candid thoughts, which folks often find entertaining. LMFAO.

Now, let me explain why this Appeal could be the most important thing to happen for the American Association of Non-Lawyers. If my case gets reinstated and goes to trial, I should be awarded tens of millions of dollars. I have pledged to use this money to create a non-profit association to provide legal aid to those members of AANL who cannot afford attorneys.

I personally will use only enough to buy a small house without any steps anywhere, an inexpensive vehicle for travel to doctors and stores, and a caregiver. The home will be chosen due to no steps, close proximity to a grocery store and a hospital, and an area where I can get deliveries.

The initial expenditures of the non-profit will be News Releases to reach the masses to get them to join the American Association of Non-Lawyers.
We already have members in 49 states, DC, and Puerto Rico. The plan is that when we have big numbers, we will press for our legislation and demand that our Association take precedence over the BAR Association. PLEASE read the Proposed Legislation, and let me have your suggestions.

A few people at $20 per hour with my database of over 100,000 Friends and Followers could do wonders making contacts on my behalf with a recorded messsage from me. I simply no longer have the stamina.

The beauty of the concept of the American Association of Non-Lawyers is that those of us representing ourselves is authorized in the Constitution and federal stautes. Lawyers and the American BAR Association are not autorized in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or any statutes.

My power just went out, but it recovered after a few seconds.

If you haven’t joined the American Association of Non-Lawyers, PLEASE DO —

I am dead serious about UNFRIENDING and BLOCKING my purported friends who aren’t members. I sent out 1,000 emails on 11/13/2023, and I will start methodically going through those with personalized emails mentioning our history. I need to get rid of all the females peddling sex or gummybears so i have space in the 5,000 Friends Cap for real people.

Sorry about the postponement.

I am searching for a podcast service that can handle a group as large as ours.