Story of Bill Windsor and Taylor Swift

Story of Bill Windsor and Taylor SwiftHappy Birthday to Taylor Swift. 12/13/1989.

Our story began 29 years before Taylor was born.

In 1969, as a student at Texas Tech University, I started selling fraternity and sorority merchandise, including imprinted T-shirts, jerseys, and sweatshirts.  I enjoyed making money so much that I dropped plans to attend law school.  I began my post-graduate career selling T-shirts.

My Dad thought I was making a big mistake because this had to be a fad.  I told him I was convinced it was fashion that would be long-lasting.

I started a newsletter to fellow friends selling fraternity and sorority merchandise, and then in 1977, I launched a magazine for what I named “the Imprinted Sportswear Industry.”  It was a HUGE success, and I was recognized as the father of the industry.  (The magazine and trade shows are still going strong after 46 years.)

A favorite hamburger chain, Fuddruckers, asks for your name when you order so they call out your name over the speakers when your order is cooked the way you want.  I asked the guy to pick a name for me in 2015.  He wouldn’t, so I said “Taylor Swift.”

When my order was ready, “Taylor Swift, your order is ready” went booming through the restaurant.  Everyone in the place was craning their neck to see THE TAYLOR SWIFT. They only saw me.  Don’t you know a lot of them told family and friends they had dinner with Taylor Swift!

Taylor has recently made news for buying $1,200 worth of vintage Kansas City Chiefs clothing.  This CHIEFS shirt she is wearing is way cool.  It will be reproduced and will be a huge seller.

Well, when I filled out all the paperwork at Nova Southeastern University yesterday, it asked “Name You Like to be Called.”  I thought for a second and then wrote “Taylor Swift.”