Bill Windsor Wiped Out Physically from 300-foot Walk

Nova Southeastern University Dental School

I continue to be wiped out physically from my 300-foot walk to Nova University Dental School.  I haven’t been able to stay awake today.  I have 17 items on my Things To Do List, and I have done 1/2.
When I wake up, it takes a minute, but then I remember how special ye
sterday was. I smile all the way to my chair, and fall asleep again in minutes.
The 1/2 Thing To Do that was accomplished was to write a letter to Taylor Swift.  If she would support saving our fellow Americans from denial of our Constitutional rights, we would get 156,001 members in no time.  When I can stay awake, I need to gather every possible address for Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce, Momma Donna Kelce, the Hunt family, and Blake Lively. Please help.
I have mail coming from the United States Supreme Court.  I’m anxious to see what it is.  It’s big, so it will include a rejection for filing of my latest motion.
I’m going to an RV Dealer I’ve previously been to in the Leesburg area when my helpful neighbors return.  Jim can guide me back into my parking space.  They’ll re-wire the new Inverter to the Refrigerator and the outlet that is wired to provide 12V to things.  If I can get a refund from Humana, I’ll also have them fix the toilet and see what caused me to be unable to get back in after simply pulling the door shut.  It will be a whole new life without dental concerns and broken RV parts.
I switch to Aetna on 1/1/2024.  I’m going to try now to get a January appointment for a complete physical.  I’ve seen dozens of doctors and dentists, but all were focused on specialty areas.  They did tell me yesterday at Nova Southeastern that my blood pressure was great — better than either “Godiva” or Vito.  When they heard my cholesterol, I heard what I’ve heard throughout my adult life: “We’ve never had a patient with such low cholesterol.”
This is an updated article with photos about my Nova Southeastern University experience —…/bill-windsor-had-one-heck-of…/
Nap time.😔😀😔