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Bill Windsor in Accident in South Dakota on 7/11/2022

Bill Windsor was in an accident in Tea, South Dakota. WELCOME TO SOUTH DAKOTA.

     The winds are REALLY STRONG in South Dakota. The RV was rocking and rolling like an amusement park ride two nights before. Wild ride.

¬† ¬† ¬†The weather calmed, so Mr. Bill and I decided to drive slowly to Lincoln County on July 11, 2022 to make a third attempt to get license plates.¬† An electrical failure and one heck of a wind blew him backward down a 9-foot embankment at a gas station.¬† It was a miracle that the 22,000-pound home didn’t roll over.¬† A “No J1959 Activity” message appeared on the dashboard to indicate the electrical system had failed to the transmission.¬† So when Bill gave it the gas to try to move forward to reposition himself, the RV was, unknown to him, stuck in reverse.¬† Before he knew it, he was in a ravine.

¬† ¬† ¬†The four herniated discs in Bill’s back and five in his neck got a jolt.¬† A family pulled the RV out of the ravine, gathered up all the stuff that went flying, towed it to their repair shop, and took Bill to a motel.

     Bill Windsor was in too much pain to sleep, but it subsided and he did not need medical treatment.

    Just about everything that could go wrong with this move has gone wrong.  But Bill Windsor is alive.  God Bless those Angels who seem to save him

Bill Windsor
Bill Windsor

Bill Windsor

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