Bill Windsor had a Date with Michelle Pfeiffer in College

Michelle Pfeiffer
This is a recent photo of Michelle Pfeiffer, the beautiful actress.
I attended the University of Texas at Austin for the first semester of my freshman year. I pledged Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity when I discovered many of my childhood friends from Texarkana had pledged.
The week before classes began, we had a fraternity party every night for six nights. They were “match parties” where a fraternity and a sorority matched up the new pledges.
While I appreciate a beautiful redhead now, back then I really wasn’t attracted to redheaded girls.
My first date — redhead.
My second date — redhead.
My third date – redhead.
My fourth date – redhead. It got to be a joke in the fraternity: “How red will the hair be of Windsor’s date tonight?”
I decided to speak to the Social Chairman who did the matching. I said: “Sir, do you realize every date I have had has had red hair, and I’m just not attracted to red hair. It’s gotten to be a joke in the fraternity.” He chuckled and said he had heard that. I pleaded with him to match me up with a girl with any other color of hair. He said: “Windsor, it’s like this. We have a pledge class of 57. The sororities have a quota of 35. You are the next-to-last guy on our alphabetical list. By the time we get down to you, you’ll be lucky if there is a redheaded legacy available.” I said: “Could you start at the bottom of the list once?” He sent me away to clean toilets.
Fifth Date — As freshmen were not allowed to have cars at UT, we were always paired up with an active member who had a car. For my sixth match date, I was paired with Tom Neimeyer, a huge lineman on the Texas Longhorns football team. As we waited in the lobby of the Freshman girls’ dorm, Tom looked down at me and said: “Windsor, if an ugly redhead comes over and asks ‘Which one of you is Tom? YOU are Tom.” A gorgeous blonde came over, and I thought the Social Chairman had made amends. But Tom was delighted when she asked if he was Tom. My date had bright red, Howdy Doody-like hair.
Sixth Date — When I was given her name, my heart skipped a beat. Michelle Pfeiffer. I envisioned someone like Claudine Longet. I was pumped as I was driven to the dorm to meet Michelle Pfeiffer. My ride met an attractive brunette. We waited for my date to appear. I heard a sound that was like a herd of elephants was plodding down the stairs.
Out came the biggest, least attractive redhead of the six. Yep, that was my date. Michelle Pfeiffer — not THE MICHELLE PFEIFFER.
I decided to transfer to Texas Tech because of all the bad dates. I was scarred. I lived happily ever after at Tech.
If you enjoyed this true story, please join the American Association of Non-Lawyers.  Redheads are always welcome.  —

Bill Windsors Second Job was as a TV Cameraman and Radio Station DJ

Bill Windsors Second Job was as a TV Cameraman and Radio Station DJ.

Bill Windsor’s second job was as a cameraman at KLBK-TV in Lubbock, Texas. Then I was a DJ at KLBK-Radio.

I was a cameraman in the television studio.  We filmed commercials and operated the two floor cameras for the news, weather, and sports.

I punched a time clock.  The other crew members and I would try to eat lunch as fast as possible so we could get punched back in.  We would race from the cafeteria to the time clock.  When we got really lucky, we would be logged out for only six minutes.

I got the jobs because my Dad was the General Manager of KLBK.  My Dad was ALWAYS a fabulous supporter of me in everything I ever did.  He was truly special in so very many ways.  My Dad lived to be 89 1/2.

KLBK ad in Monterey High School paper in 1965
KLBK ad in Monterey High School paper in 1965

Before I had a real DJ job, I was the “host” of a one-hour weekly show called “Teen Topics.”

I spoke about what was going on at Monterey High School.  I wasn’t paid.




I had to study and go to Dallas to take a Third-Class Radiotelephone Operator’s License to be able to DJ.  In those days, we did it all — announced, played the 45-rpm-records, and operated “the board.”  There was no engineer to help.  It was great fun.  I had the midnight to 6 am shift, and all the high school and college students “knew” me.  It was a Top 40 radio station.