Bill Windsor First Job After College was with the American Association of School Retailers


Bill Windsor went through the interview process at Texas Tech University.  He was offered an excellent first job by Procter & Gamble, but he wasn’t enamored of the idea of encouraging grocery store workers to give better shelf placement for P&G products.

A small company from Chicago contacted Bill, flew him to Chicago, wined and dined him, and offered him the position of National Marketing Manager for the American Association of School Retailers.  Bill accepted the job and hired several of his fraternity brothers as salespeople.

Bill and Barbara married a few weeks after he graduated from Texas Tech, and they moved to Winter Park, Florida.  Bill was traveling most of the time as AASR loved the sales he was generating.  That got old, and Bill told John W. Heiser of AASR that he would have to quit unless they moved him to the corporate headquarters in Chicago.

Bill and Barbara moved to Rolling Meadows, Illinois.  AASR moved their offices from the Wrigley Building in downtown Chicago to the Des Plaines Office Center in Des Plaines, Illinois – near O’Hare Airport.

Bill worked for AASR for a year, but he knew he could make more money on his own, so pregnant Barbara and Bill moved to Winter Park, Florida.

Bill Windsor’s First Job was a Dream Job

My first job was a dream job.  At the age of 16, when I got my driver’s license, I managed to get a summer job delivering prescriptions for Security Pharmacy in Lubbock, Texas.

Nothing could have been better than getting to drive all day!  I was so past ready to get my driver’s license.  I got my license later than my friends because we moved from Louisiana to Texas.  I had to wait to take driver’s ed.

Mary Windsor and the infamous green Valiant
Mary Windsor and the infamous green Valiant

I, Bill Windsor, used to drive up and down our short driveway.  We had an ugly green Valiant with push-button transmission.  This is my Mom standing in front of the infamous green Valiant at our home at 3019 40th Street in Lubbock, Texas.

Bill Windsor’s Second Job was as a TV Cameraman and Radio Station DJ

Bill Windsor’s second job was as a cameraman at KLBK-TV in Lubbock, Texas. Then I was a DJ at KLBK-Radio.

I was a cameraman in the television studio.  We filmed commercials and operated the two floor cameras for the news, weather, and sports.

I punched a time clock.  The other crew members and I would try to eat lunch as fast as possible so we could get punched back in.  We would race from the cafeteria to the time clock.  When we got really lucky, we would be logged out for only six minutes.

I got the jobs because my Dad was the General Manager of KLBK.  My Dad was ALWAYS a fabulous supporter of me in everything I ever did.  He was truly special in so very many ways.  My Dad lived to be 89 1/2.

KLBK ad in Monterey High School paper in 1965
KLBK ad in Monterey High School paper in 1965

Before I had a real DJ job, I was the “host” of a one-hour weekly show called “Teen Topics.”

I spoke about what was going on at Monterey High School.  I wasn’t paid.




I had to study and go to Dallas to take a Third-Class Radiotelephone Operator’s License to be able to DJ.  In those days, we did it all — announced, played the 45-rpm-records, and operated “the board.”  There was no engineer to help.  It was great fun.  I had the midnight to 6 am shift, and all the high school and college students “knew” me.  It was a Top 40 radio station.