Bill Windsor Seriously Injured

Jeffrey L. Ashton is corrupt.
Jeffrey L. Ashton is corrupt.

Bill Windsor seriously injured when he was hit by an 18-wheeler at 70 miles per hour.  He has four herniated discs in his back, five in his neck, and Diastasis Recti, an allegedly inoperable abdominal injury.

A corrupt judge, Jeff Ashton, has kept the case from going to trial.

A second accident on 12/26/2022 aggravated the injuries.  Bill has lost the use of his left hand, and the surgeon says it is linked to the traffic accident because the nerves in the neck control his hands.

Bill falls a lot, and he can’t get up.  He has an alarm that will wake the dead that he now wears around his neck with his cell phone.  He used a cane, but he couldn’t walk far.  He then had a four-wheeled Walker, and it really helped keep him balanced, but his back couldn’t go far.  He now has a Nuclear-powered Walker, but he needs to live somewhere he can better use it.